Learn How to choose a Fresh and Ripe Fruit

Choosing ripe fruit is easy if you know what to look for. These tips will help you choose ripe fruits that are ready to be brought home and consumed.


If the white grapes are ripe, they will have a yellow hue. The red grapes will have a deep color and each grape will have approximately the same tone. In the store, shake the grape stalk. If they fall more than one grape or two, they are too ripe and will not taste so good.


The skin of the kiwi must be free of bruises. Press gently on the kiwi and if it is a little ripe. If you are able to grow on this fruit and have a soft touch, then it is no longer good.


To select a ripe apple, look at the skin of the apple. It must be free of bruises and bruises. Apples with lots of green, in addition to Granny Smith apples, are not ripe. The apple should also be firm to the touch. It should not be hard but it should not have a soft texture either.


There is a simple way to know if an orange is ripe. Put your hands around the fruit. He must have a plump feeling. The surface of the orange will be smooth. He should also feel heavy when held. If orange passes the previous test, press it lightly. The fingers should be able to recover without problems. The orange must have an oval shape. If it is too round, the orange is very low and will have a bitter taste.


To see if this fruit is ripe, look at the color. If there is green in the fruit, it means that it is not ripe. Give slight pressure to the tangerine. Like orange, if the fruit is ripe, it will recover and it will not be tender. Mandarin should also have a heavy feeling.


To find the best strawberries; They must be big, have a deep red color and be shiny. The lid must be well secured. The berries must be medium size because they contain less water than the larger berries. Avoid green berries or have a pale color.

The walls

These berries will not be bright and will look a bit distant when they are ripe. Summer is the best time for blackberries. The berries must be plump and dark.

The blueberries

Cranberries are at their best from June to August. When you buy these berries, they should be blue and should not even have a red hue. The berries will have a bright silvery appearance. That means they are ready and at their peak. These berries will not continue to ripen once harvested. It is therefore important to carefully select them when buying them.


When looking for a ripe plum, it should be heavy, but it should not be too soft. If the plum is very soft, it is too ripe. When you press the plum, you have to give it energy and not be gentle. Plum must also have a dark color.

Sour cherries

Cherries will have a dark, almost black color when ripe. The cherry should be firm to the touch. He will also be juicy once bitten. The stem should be firmly attached to the cherry, but should be twisted without problems.


Lawyers have become very popular in recent years. They are full of healthy fatty acids, good for the body. When buying a mature lawyer, there are some things to look for. The avocado must have a very deep, almost black color. If it’s green, then it’s not ready. The lawyer must yield to a slight pressure when pressed. If he is too soft or too firm, he is not ready to eat.

Here are some ways to find out if these popular fruits are ripe and ready to eat. By giving these fruits these simple tests, it will help you, as a consumer, to determine that you are getting the fruit that tastes the best.


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